About Flo

I'm Flo and I'm in love with the globe we live on.

FloHi there, nice to see you on my blog. I guess you came to this page to know a little more about me. I am Flo. Well, actually it’s Floor. You might ask why I would shorten a name that’s already that short. I guess after meeting a lot of people outside my country and telling them “Hi, I’m Floor”, seeing a frown on their face because they’re thinking they heard it wrong, then having to convince them like “Yes, really, like ‘the floor'”, pointing downwards, I came to the point where, for me, it would be easier to introduce myself as ‘Flo’. No explanation needed. Well, that’s for the name. Let’s go on with the real story here.

I love our planet, you can call me Earth-lover. Compared to all the other planets, we have it all, don’t we? Mars has sand and red sand and maybe some black sand. But we, we have a beautiful nature, full of animals, trees, plants and other creatures. Next to that, human kind seemed to have managed to build up so many different cultures on this globe, all so interesting with their own manners, habits, languages, ornaments, religions and more.

I want to be pushed out of my comfort zone. I want to cross borders and get to know other countries and continents filled with beautiful nature and cultures. I want to meet people who think different than me, I want to taste their food, to learn their habits and to smile together with them.

Travel more

I’m from Belgium, a small country in Western Europe. I always felt like I wanted to travel, but I was scared to leave the safe environment of my home. But one day I decided I finally would take the step of going on a trip far from Belgium. I went to Costa Rica in Central America. This was the best experience of my life. I had the change to see so many beautiful things. Animals I only saw in a zoo before, I saw now right in front of me. A pineapple never tasted so sweet in my life. And I was shocked about the kindness of all the people I met and didn’t know. From that moment I knew I had to travel more.

Love without borders

When I went to Thailand, something special happened. Something I never thought would happen to me, especially not that far from my home. I met the love of my life. His name is Naing, he’s a Myanmar citizen and was working on a Thai island at the time I met him. His culture and mine couldn’t be more different. It’s crucial to have an open mind and patience, but we’re learning from each other every day.

Naing and Flo in Myanmar

I’m a girl trying to find her place and purpose in life and this world. And maybe I can inspire you with my stories for your next trip or amuse you with my words. Nevertheless, you can follow up on it right here.

The Flo-list

  • My name is Floor, but you can call me Flo
  • I’m from a small rural town in Belgium, close to the border with The Netherlands
  • I have a bachelor degree in journalism and am a certified web developer.
  • Theater has been a passion for me for years. As an actress on stage, but also behind the scenes.
  • My favorite foods are lasagna, pizza and fried noodles.
  • My first trip far, far away from home, was my trip to Costa Rica
  • I met the love of my life while traveling in Thailand