Airplane Travel Tips: The Essentials Bag

I found the solution to all your flight-troubles: the small ‘airplane essentials bag’. Okay, it may not solve all of them, but it got a lot covered. It’s a small-sized bag with all the things you’ll need on your plane, that fits in the seat pocket in front of you. It won’t bother you with taking your space and helps you in time of need.

The airplane essentials bag contains everything you'll need on your flight

Before I used to take my backpack with me and put in underneath the seat in front of me so I had all my stuff with me. But when I was flying on intercontinental flights, this was not ideal. It’s not like your legs and feet are granted that much space. But stowing my bag in the overhead above me wasn’t an option either, all my stuff was in there. And I hate to go out of my seat, especially when I’m seated at the window next to people I don’t know.

But this little bag is the solution to all of it. My backpack can be stowed in the overhead and I have everything I need for the whole flight with me.

15 airplane essentials in a bag

Everyone has their own needs. But these are the things I really need and enjoy having with me during my flight.

The airplane essentials bag contains everything you'll need on your flight

  1. Headphones (+ connector)

    I need these little headphones every time, everywhere I am. I use them for my laptop, MP3-player and phone. And because I have an iPhone 7, I need this little adapter thing as well so I can use the same one for all my devices. (Thanks for that Apple…)

  2. Phone charger (+ adapter)

    I bring my phone charger with me, wherever I go, cause my phone shuts down the moment I need it the most. I also bring the adapter because some planes provide power outlets and my phone seems to charge faster with the adapter. And I just like to have it with me…

  3. Power bank

    If your airplane doesn’t provide anything to give you the little power you need, it comes in handy if you have it with you yourself. Make sure you charge it to it fullest before you go.

  4. MP3-player

    I might be the only person who still carries her iPod with her. But I like it that my phone stays fully charged and I can listen to my favorite music the whole flight. Win-win-situation.

  5. Eye mask

    What a little darkness can do. At first I didn’t really believe that a mask would give me that much darkness than just closing my eyes. But it helps me to get in my little cocoon and I fall asleep so much easier with it.

  6. Ear plugs

    Just know that there might be kids on your flight. Or loud people. Or snoring ones. Also the engines of an airplane make so much noise. These ear plugs are really no luxury, you need them with you if you want a little rest or sleep on your flight.

  7. Lip balm

    The air in an airplane can get really dry. With a little lip balm you can easily prevent your lips from starting to crack or hurt.

  8. Menthol nasal inhaler

    This little thing I found in Thailand. I think everyone who has been in Thailand has one (or more) of this inhalers with them. When your nose is dry, you’re smelling something bad or you need to waken up a little, this things helps with it all. It’s a heaven of menthol and eucalyptus in your nose!

  9. Moisturizer

    Especially when you’re stuck in a long intercontinental flight, it might feel good to put a little moisturizing cream on your skin after a while. (Did I mention that the air in a plane is really dry?)

  10. Mascara

    I tend to think that I can make myself look a little better after a long flight when I put on some mascara before getting off the plane. But I can be very wrong about this as well. It might be all in my mind.

  11. Hair ties

    When you have long hair you just need these. One time you sleep better with your hair loose, some minutes later you get frustrated from the electricity in the air that makes your hair go ‘poof’. You’ll be just so much happier if you have a few of them with you, just in case. And you’ll need a few, these things seem to get lost in the same way as every 1 sock of a pair gets lost in the washing machine. You have no idea where they are, but you’ll end up with only the half amount you packed.

  12. Comb

    After a long flight, going from left to right in your seat, from sitting up straight to crumbling back into a little ball, you’ll be happy to have a comb you can use in the morning (or evening) before you arrive. (My hair goes ‘poof’ a lot of times.)

  13. Small cotton bag

    I’m always wearing some jewelry like small earrings, my bracelets, a watch. But I don’t like feeling them when I’m asleep. This bag makes it easy to put them away and easily find them again when I wake up. I just have to find this small bag.

  14. Little cloth

    I wear glasses, and I have no idea where all the dirt comes from, but when I’m on a flight it’s like there’s an epidemic of fingerprints and dirty stuff on them. Then this thing comes in very handy. Also usable for your phone or anything made of glass or with a screen.

  15. Medicine

    Don’t forget the medicine you need to take. Flying through time zones doesn’t make it easier to follow your scheme, but at least don’t forget them on your flight.

I know not everyone need the same things with them, but this can give you an idea what a small essentials bag might look like for you. For me it’s a lifesaver on the airplane. What would you put in this essentials bag?

A small bag that fits all your essentials for a careless flight

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